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Present member QR card before and after clinic visit
Retrieve BowtieGo member QR
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Show your BowtieGo member QR Code
Show your BowtieGo member QR Code upon arrival at the clinic. After consultation, show the member QR code again to the clinic to scan and calculate how much you saved.
Show BowtieGo member QR code
Pay after consultation
Pay at a BowtieGo member-only exclusive rate after the outpatient consultation.

Our Medical Network covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

Our offering is extensive, there is always a clinic near you.

Over 1,300 doctors

Hong Kong Island 270+
Kowloon 600+
New Territories 440+

BowtieGo Medical Partners

Bowtie is the first authorised virtual insurance company that the Insurance Authority approved. Through innovative technology and partnered medical networks, Bowtie strives to provide Hong Kong citizens with access to quality medical services at much lower costs. True medical protection is never out of reach.
BowtieGo is a health and wellness membership program managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited and the outpatient benefit under the membership program is not an insurance plan.

In case of any enquiry about BowtieGo, please contact Bowtie directly on 3008 8123 or email to

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

How can I activate BowtieGo ?

VHIS applicant

When you apply for Bowtie VHIS for the first time, BowtieGo Free will be included in your application automatically.

Other eligible applicant

You will receive an activation code by invitation and a URL link to BowtieGo registration site. Login to the provided URL, fill in the activation code and personal information of BowtieGo.

BowtieGo looks great. How can I join BowtieGo?

We only accept applications from companies or entities or Bowtie VHIS policyholders, and currently we do not cater for individual application. If your entity is interested in BowtieGo, feel free to email us at

Is there an age limit to apply restriction for this product?

Plan owner: must attain 18 years of age or above.

Plan member (Person who is entitled to the plan services): Those who are within the age range of 0 to 80 are eligible to apply for the BowtieGo Standard (Insurance) plan and BowtieGo Premium (Insurance) plan, while there is no age restriction as to the application for BowtieGo Free plan.

Can Non-Hong Kong residents apply?

As long as you possess a HKID card, no matter you are permanent resident or not, you are eligible to apply.

Is this an Insurance product?

BowtieGo Free plan is not an insurance product because it does not include any death benefit.

BowtieGo Standard (Insurance) plan is an insurance product as it includes a death benefit as part of the plan. You may read the Terms & Conditions of the program for further information.

What kind of services are offered?

BowtieGo members are entitled to member exclusive price for General Practitioner Consultation, and Chinese Medicine consultation, 24 types of specialist consultation, dental and physiotherapy consultation depending on plan level. Members of different plan levels are entitled to different services. Please log in to check plan offers.

How to use BowtieGo at a clinic?

Go to Fill in the required personal credentials and generate the member QR code. Show your member QR code to the staff at the clinic before and after your consultation.

How do I access my BowtieGo member QR code?

If you are the policy holder to the BowtieGo You can use your HKID number and your mobile number to generate the BowtieGo member QR code. You can also login to the online portal to manage your BowtieGo membership. 

If you are the family member or friend of theBowtieGo main applicant, you can use your HKID number as the login ID and the mobile number of the main applicant as the password to access the BowtieGo member QR code.

How to search doctor ?

Login to theBowtieGo online portal and find doctors in ourmedical network by using our search tool. You may call the chosen clinic andmake a reservation with the clinic by phone.

If you know any doctor whom you want to recommend to become one of our network doctors, feel free to contact us and give us suggestions.

Can I use the Elderly health Health care Care voucher Voucher scheme and BowtieGo together?

If the clinic allows for this, then you certainly can use this as your payment

Is there an expiry to my membership?

Your membership will renew annually automatically.

Can I upgrade my BowtieGo Free plan to BowtieGo Standard (Insurance) plan?

We will launch this function soon and you can upgrade to the standard plan at the online portal.

Who should I contact in case of problem with my membership?

You may reach our customer service through our hotline at 3008 8123 or email us at

Can I share my BowtieGo account with my family members or friends?

You cannot share your account with anyone. If you have an additional spare Activation Code, you can register with your family or friends with this code to enjoy the benefit.